VendEngine, a cloud-based software provider focused on the government payments and corrections markets, has provided more than 40 million free connections – texts, emails and video visitation – to incarcerated individuals across the nation to ease the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, the program has delivered 30 million+ in free minutes – more than 57 years to over 75,000 families nationwide.

The services, which will continue throughout 2021, are part of an emergency program VendEngine deployed in March of 2020 when the crisis began.

“The pandemic has impacted all of our lives, and greatly disrupted our world,” said Silas Deane, president and CEO of VendEngine. “This is especially true with the incarcerated and their families. COVID-19 created greater need and increased demand for technology to keep families connected to their loved ones in an era of quarantine and social distancing. We are deeply committed to transforming access to connections that better support inmates, their families and society today, tomorrow and in the future.”

To date, VendEngine has delivered free communications totaling:

  • 40 million+ in free messages and visitations, including:
    • 178,187 free family video visitation sessions.
    • Over 30 million in free video visitation minutes – more than 57 years!
    • 10.9 million free electronic messages:
      • 3.5 million free texts
      • 7.4 million free emails

The program is part of an ongoing effort by VendEngine to expand support networks of families and friends for inmates impacted by the coronavirus. VendEngine works in accordance with the latest public health guidelines to ensure that the support is tailored and responsive to the unique needs of the incarcerated community.

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